Want To Become A Sponsor?

Hello, my name is Michael Phillips of Michael Phillips Racing. I would like to introduce you to Motorsports Marketing in the form of Championship Drag Racing. My objective is to share a marketing plan with you in hopes of forming a business relationship. This plan involves a ¼ mile, 8,000 HP Nitro Funny Car that accelerates in excess of 300 mph in 4 seconds, in addition to a 70 foot tractor trailer transporter, with your company’s name or logo exposed to thousands of spectators, racers and corporations.

Championships drag racing is the ideal arena for promoting brand awareness, positioning new products, capturing new customers, building team spirit and creating corporate identities. Championship drag racing is not just drag racing; it’s a show, a convention, a carnival, a technical seminar, a vacation destination and more. Some events have pavilions and entertainment centers; some have playgrounds for the children. There are more than 5,000 annual events that attract over 6.5 million spectators.

Marketing research has shown that fans support the companies that support the sport. Fans earmark a substantial portion of discretionary income for products and services related to drag racing. Their brand of loyalty spans the spectrum of consumer goods from beer and soft drinks to clothing, novelty items, cameras and services. With the average household income of $53,000 annually, market surveys reveal that 36% of drag racing enthusiasts have attended college. The human stars earn the fans admiration as they develop strong loyalties to personal favorites and to the sponsors they represent. Fans can watch crews prepping their machines for battle, and in a quiet moment they can collect a prized autograph or offer an encouraging word to a deserving driver.

Through stadium style super tracks, TV and print media, Championship drag racing is the fastest show on wheels. Whether to break the 330-mph barrier or to gain market share. Championship drag racing provides the setting, support and opportunities for start up and Fortune 500 companies to reach goals though motorsports racing.

I will customize a marketing package for your company and compare your current marketing dollars per exposure, to help your company hit a specified marketing target to put your business on the fast track!!!

Thank You,

Michael K. Phillips